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About Learning Trees Global School

Learning Trees Global School is established in the year 2016. Its first and main branch opened at Porbandar. It is founded by two directors Dr. Priyank Gokani & Mr. Chirag Thakkar who both are in education field from last 15 years and both are trainers and counsellor also. LTGS was founded with an aim to help students in unleashing their true potential and be focused on that and make their life successful. LTGS is growing year by year. Now LTGS is having total 5 branches in various cities like Ahmedabad, Porbandar, Junagadh and Ranavav.

Our Mission

To create an institution of excellence to import value base education which integrates knowledge and learning into a continuous process. To provide an ambience conductive to joyful learning where the child grows spiritually, emotionally and socially. To help children develop a sense of integrity, dignity & confidence to become a global citizen.

Our Vision

We believe every child in this world is unique. To set an education system which reveals intelligence, creativity, humanity, spirituality and ideal civilization in the generations to come in such a way that they all have an ambition to win, not immediately but definitely.


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What Parents Say